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A/N: This is the continuing of Part 2. Its still in Alec's POV. Hope you enjoy!

"I'll see you later, right?" Alec stared up at Magnus intensely. Magnus nodded once again, not trusting his voice. Alec smiled and let go of Magnus' shoulders. He then turned and continued to walk, slowly this time, he wanted to spend as much time with Magnus before they reached the Hall of Accords.

Magnus followed silently beside him, he appeared lost in thought, so Alec let him.

They soon found their way to the Hall of Accords, Magnus gave a curt nod, leaned in and gently whispered into Alec's right ear: I'll see you inside.

Magnus left Alec there in front of the Hall staring confusing at his retreating catlike footsteps.

. . .

Alec found himself searching the crowded room around him. He wasn't paying much attention to his sibling, Isabelle, and the Daylighter, Simon. He was searching for Magnus, he wanted to use Clary's partner rune on Magnus and himself. He needed to prove to Magnus that he was serious about their relationship.

When finding Magnus within the crowd he rushed towards him. He could feel his adrenaline pumping through his veins. Magnus looked up and their eyes met one another, Alec stared right at Magnus, he wasn't going to chicken out and look away. Magnus gave him a look of surprise, when Alec was only a few feet away from him. Before Magnus could say anything Alec spoke first.

"Magnus, will you be my partner?" Magnus stared at him as if he were crazy.

"But what about what the other Shadowhunters will think?"

"I don't care, Magnus! I want you! I love you, Magnus!" Magnus' mouth hung open in surprise, without a second thought Alec wrapped his arms around Magnus' shoulders and leaned in and kissed him full on the mouth. He was tense at first but then conveyed and kissed Alec back.

Alec could hear the crowd around them whisper, but he didn't care. He was done hiding. They could say what they wanted, he was finally out. Magnus and him could finally be together as a real couple.

Their kiss broke up after a while. The look in Magnus' feline eyes were worth whatever judgment the Clave put Alec through.

"I love you too, Alexander. I'll always be your partner." Alec smiled up at him and placed the tip of his stele on Magnus' hand, that he had extended out for Alec. Alec drew the partner rune on both of their hands and felt the power flow through himself. Magnus and Alec stared into eachother's eyes and just knew that they would be fine in the outcome of the battle that would soon come...  
Finally after all your patient waiting I'm proud to bring to all of you Malec fans out there the third part to my fanfiction "Darling Our Love Is True". :hooray:

Warning: Will Contain Yaoi (boyXboy)

Comments and favorites are very much appreciated.

~The Mortal Instuments belong to the magnificent Cassandra Clare~

Link to part 1:

Link to part 2:
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Tastetherainbow1 Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2012
Amazing! :heart::heart::heart: I’ll sign up with fanfiction and try to say something a little more in depth because I’m off to work right now!
MelodyOfTheMoon6 Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2012   Writer
Thank you! :heart: Awesome! :glomp:

(May I ask what your work is, and what you do?) Have fun! :)
Tastetherainbow1 Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2012
I’m an ILS (instructor of life skills) instructor for adults with disabilities. Basically all that means is that I’ll have a meeting along with my supervisor and the potential consumer/client about what skills they want me to help teach them in order to live a more fulfilling life. Example: some clients will want to learn how to balance a checkbook/ learn to read/work the computer/need helping getting to the doctors etc. and some just want socialization. Everyone is different and everyone will have different goals. The companies are contracted by the North Los Angeles regional center.

It’s challenging but rewarding. :hug:

MelodyOfTheMoon6 Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2012   Writer
Wow! My heart goes out to you! :heart: You are so amazing! :)

Yeah, :nod:. :hug:
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